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Friday, March 19

Shutter Island

i went to the cinema with a friend recently to watch shutter island. i was quite apprehensive because as a lover of scorsese, i was aware that some film critics had called labelled the film as different to the usual 'in your face' and intelligent films such as the departed or taxi driver// the film , set in the 1950s, begins with leo dicaprio and mark ruffalo who play 2 us federal marshalls who are on their way to a prison for mentally unstable. a inmate has mysteriously vanished from her cell. the place is an island called shutter island// they couple are treated oddly as they are welcomed on the island. the doctor, played ben kingsley, that plays their sort of host is a slightly edgy character who you cannot really trust// the marshalls begin their investigation and are soon thrown into a frenzy of lies and and confusion. teddy daniels, decaprio, starts reliving his past in his dreams and begins to question his own wellbeing.. it soon becomes clear that he purposely took the case in order to find the killer of his wife, an inmate, and avenge her death.. however the circumstances of this death are unclear and misleading// teddy begins to lose his mind and is catapulted into a craziness that controls his actions. he continually hallucinates about a young girl that reminds him of his time at dachau in ww2..he finds out that the prison/mental home actually test new and innovative methods of rehabilitation on its paitents.. the story becomes even more confusing as teddy is increasingly losing his mind an his partner seems to has gone missing.. in the most important scene in the film, in the lighthouse where the new methods are conducted, the truth(?) is unveiled..// it is claimed that teddy daniels is actually a paitent of the home who is under a method of trying to remind him of his past. the lady who went missing is meant to replicate his wife, who killed their 3 kids, and then got shot by him. his real name is andrew leadis an anagram of teddy daniels. it is up to andrew now to realise what has happened and come out of his alter ego and therefore complete his transformation..// however he does not trust anybody and finds it difficult to end his suffering.. his partner is actually is primary phycologist. the final quote from andrew to his phycologist is 'whether to die a good man or to live as a monster' similar to a quote from shawshank redemption, he is then escorted off by men who are carrying the equipment for the treatment. this quote can be interpreted many ways and leaves the viewer thinking and debating the outcome and meaning of the film for hours..

scorsese makes a brilliant film combining all his previous work and incorporating a new incredible use of music to create suspense, very much like hitchcock became famous for.// the film could easily have been made in the 1950s, i even think scorsese did this on purpose..dicaprio plays the unusual and incredibly difficult character extremely well, as he always does..just watch the aviator..//

i was looking forward to watching this film for a long time and i definitely did not disappoint..well done scorsese..again//

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