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Friday, February 26

albert goering - the anti-nazi brother

whenever someone thinks about the Goering family, they immediately think of the reichsmarshall Hermann Goering the sidekick to hitler and the evil regime the nazi's put over europe. this is fair enough because we should never forget the horrendous acts the nazi's performed and use it as a lesson for the future that these sorts of acts should be attacked and by all people. however, his younger brother Albert was the polar opposite to him. in almost every way.. alledgedly born to fanny goering and her lover hans thirring (who was half jewish) albert was a much more quiet person than hermann. both serving in the first world war with flying colours they soon went separate ways. with hermann joining the nationalist movement, akbert almost went into isolation, at one point not seeing his brother for 7 years. once the secons world war began albert dispised his brother and all that he stood for. however he decided to use his power as a way in order to free hihs jewish friends and colleagues. albert would travel to berlin, from his home in vienna, to persuade hermann to free certain jews from concentration camps. he worked endlessly to help those in trouble, whilst having his name and brothers actions an endless burden.. albert goering will always be my first thought when the goering name is brought up and his actions should be elevated considering his situation... to be anti-nazi in nazi germany was an incredibly hard way to live, but to be anti-nazi with your brother the reichmarshall must have been intolerable to say the least. . albert was arrested following the war and questionned at the nuremburg trials, where this picture was taken, he was arrested soley on his name. he was realised and lived the rest of his life struggling with alcoholism, depression and infidelity.. his life was ended the moment his brother became a nazi.. albert remain loyal to the goering name and for this reason he found life after ww2 incredibly hard. his gravestone, in the goering family plot, states the goering family motto 'we are not amongst those who yield, but amongst those who believe' it was only albert who remained true to this..

Saturday, February 20

Hot Chip w/CasioKids

Hot Chip


I went to rock city in nottingham on february 15 to witness a spectacular musical production. CasioKids were an incredible support and their music remains to infriltrate my ears on a daily basis..to the main event and Hot Chip played many songs froom their new album and some old classics. My highlight was definitely Boy from School and from their new album Thieves in the Night...

Sunday, February 14


went to the rescue rooms to witness a spectacular musical performance by the swedish trio Miike Snow...the small venue added to the special-ness of the event and enabled the crowd to feel truly integrated into the music. epicness was witnessed and I have to tell you.....