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Wednesday, October 27

things that i enjoy seeing

1. people walking down the street with large headphones on their head, if the person is an Asian then it makes me happier.
2. people who wear their backpack on their front because they are afraid of thievery.
3. seeing people having to run when they clearly do not run very often.
4. when people naturally walk very fast, for no reason.
5. witnessing people's calculations in terms of walking across the road when the traffic light is red..
6. people's reaction when a bus or train does not stop for them.
7. how rain can have a dramatic effect on people's behaviour.
8. when a couple or a small group of people enter a cinema screen, how they just stand still and randomly look around as if they were actually contemplating watching the film standing up.
9. the face of a jehovah witness when i tell them that i am a catholic.
10. people that tuck their trousers legs into their socks when riding a bicycle.

me finishing the leicester marathon on october 10 2010.